You’re based in Norfolk – do you cover other areas?

Yes, although I’m based in the wonderful county of Norfolk I cover weddings throughout the UK and sometimes even further afield.  A lot of my weddings tend to be in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Essex and London, but I will travel anywhere to cover your wedding.

How would you describe your style?

My Style & Approach page gives more information but I describe myself as a documentary wedding photographer or wedding photojournalist.  By that I mean that my time at your wedding is spent capturing the story of your day as unobtrusively as possible, without influencing or orchestrating events.

I aim to observe and record your wedding day as it really happens – naturally and unobtrusively.  I won’t  set up shots and I definitely won’t go up to you or your guests and say “Smile” or “Say Cheese”.  I want to record the natural, relaxed and unforced moments that make up a wedding day.  For the majority of the time I will work close to the action with the aim of  blending in with the guests as far as possible.

This approach and style is often referred to as wedding photojournalism, documentary wedding photography or reportage wedding photography.  Irrespective of what label you put on it, my objective is to photograph the true story of your day as it happens.

Will you take photographs of the two of us together?

Yes of course.  Most couples like the opportunity to get some fine art style, romantic photographs together and this is something that I incorporate in  my coverage.  All I ask is about 20 minutes of your day alone with you, either in one session or split into two shorter sessions to take advantage of the light later in the day/evening.  My aim is to take natural relaxed photographs of the two of you together so I won’t be asking you strike Vogue-style poses that are out character with the people that you are.  Please take a look at the images on my Portfolio page to give you some idea of the style of these pictures.

What about group photographs?

Although I am a documentary wedding photographer, I understand that the vast majority of weddings require some traditional group photos. Most wedding guests do not like  standing around being directed by a  photographer so I would encourage you strongly to keep the group combinations to single figures.  With the assistance of your best man or one of the ushers I can get these done quickly and painlessly.  If required, I will also take an overall group photograph of your entire wedding party.

If possible, I usually avoid doing the group photographs immediately after the ceremony as this is the time when your guests and family will want to congratulate you giving me a great opportunity to capture beautifully spontaneous and emotive images.

Do you cover civil partnerships?

Yes, absolutely.  I am also delighted to have the opportunity to shoot weddings of all faiths.

Do you cover winter weddings?

Most definitely. I shoot all year round and delight in taking full advantage of the atmospheric opportunities that winter weddings offer.

What proportion of black & white images do you provide?

I will shoot all the images at your wedding in colour in order to retain maximum detail and quality. In post-post processing the photographs from your wedding I will then select and convert those images that I consider work best in black & white.  Normally this is about 25% of the total images uploaded to your gallery but can be varied to meet your taste. I love B&W photography and have shot weddings entirely in monochrome by special request.  If you are a B&W photography lover and this is an option you would like for your wedding I would be delighted to discuss this with you.

Do we need to feed you?

I neither expect, nor require you, to spend your money feeding me at your wedding. I will take a break myself during the early stages of your wedding breakfast as nobody likes being photographed eating.  I am, however, a confirmed coffee-holic, so I always appreciate the offer of a cup or two!

Can guests order prints after the wedding?

Yes. guests can order pictures from our on-line viewing and ordering system where all the proof images from your wedding will be displayed.

Are you insured?

Yes, I carry both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.



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